Maryland Green Industry Council

History of MaGIC and Member AssociationsThe Maryland Green Industry Council (MaGIC) is a coalition of associations, established in 2002, whose purpose is to represent Green Industry interests in the legislative and regulatory processes in Maryland. These efforts include furthering the understanding of green industry issues among legislators, regulators, the governor's office, and consumers through education, promotion, expert advice and testimony.

The Green Industry in Maryland provides the products and services that beautify, protect, and improve home, health, habitat, environment and water quality. Green Industry businesses include nursery, greenhouse, landscape, interiorscape, arborists, garden centers, turfgrass producers and managers, arboretums, botanical gardens, and any other businesses working with ornamental/environmental plants.

The necessity for a coalition such as MaGIC has been growing over the last few years as Maryland's Green Industry has become highly regulated and the target of business-limiting legislation encompassing such issues as nutrient management, drought and water use restrictions, increased licensing restrictions and requirements, and pesticide use and management. Hence the need for a unified voice, to represent this industry. MaGIC can succeed in serving the needs of its members, armed with the strength of its numbers and combined economic resources.

After firmly establishing its role in the legislative and regulatory venues, MaGIC also plans to serve its membership through educational, marketing, and public relations programs. Many of the interests and needs of the member organizations overlap, making it practical that a joint effort be engaged to serve the needs of many.

MaGIC's organizational structure allows for each member association to have one voting member. In addition, up to three advisors from each member association may attend any meeting. The position of MaGIC on any issue will be decided by unanimous vote. Funding for this council will be provided by contributions from each association, as well as independent fundraising by MaGIC.

Member Associations

  • Frederick Area Landscape Contractors and Nurserymen
  • Landscape Contractor's Assoc., Inc. MD, DC, VA
  • Maryland Arborist Association
  • Maryland Association of Green Industries
  • Maryland Greenhouse Growers Association
  • Maryland Nursery and Landscape Association