Code of Ethics

ARBORISTS will use their personal knowledge and skills in such a manner that the greatest good will accrue to society and to the tree care industry.

ARBORISTS will be truthful concerning their services and the benefits that may result.

ARBORISTS will further the interests of arboriculture by the interchanging of information and experience with other Association members.

ARBORISTS will be loyal to clients and will faithfully perform work as agreed to by both client and arborist.

ARBORISTS will always strive to promote proper techniques as outlined in the arborist law. They will resort to other practices at the client's insistence only after advising the client of possible unfavorable results.

ARBORISTS will not reduce a quoted fee for performing a specific job if informed of the fee quoted by another arborist.

ARBORISTS will not offer employment to employees of another arborist without the latter's knowledge. Arborists will endeavor to properly train employees whenever possible.

ARBORISTS will refrain from reviewing the work of another arborist for the latter's client, for the purpose of obtaining work. Arborists will also avoid criticism which may injure the reputation of anyone in the field of arboriculture.

ARBORISTS will report any instance of what they consider substantial and convincing evidence of improper work or unethical conduct to the proper authorities and to the Executive Committee of the Association.

ARBORISTS will, if called to serve as expert witnesses, base all testimony on an adequate knowledge of the subject and render an opinion according to honest convictions.

ARBORISTS will conduct all matters relating to arboricultural activities, business operations and civic responsibilities in a manner that will further the status of arboriculture as a respected profession.

Portions of this code adopted from the code of ethics of the International Society of Arboriculture, Inc., and used by permission.