The MAA is an organization with a primary mission to serve businesses in the arboriculture industry. However, the association also works with Maryland consumers to try to address their questions and concerns about tree care and the selection of qualified licensed tree experts.

As a homeowner, one of your chief concerns when hiring an arborist is to make sure the company you select is licensed by the state of Maryland. Licensure, known as a Licensed Tree Expert – LTE – is required in the state of Maryland, for those engaged in the practice of arboriculture. Licensure will not always guarantee quality of work performed, but licensure does oblige one to be insured, to be educated in the practice of arboriculture, and other requirements. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources confers the LTE upon individuals who have satisfactorily passed an exam and show evidence of current insurance, etc.

MAA member companies that engage in the practice of arboriculture are required to be licensed as a condition of membership.

To find a MAA state-licensed member arborist in your area (searchable by name, zip code, or radius), select here.  (Under "Directory Categories," select Licensed Tree Expert."  You may refine your search by selecting "advanced" and entering in qualifiers.)

For a state-wide list of licensed arborists, visit the Maryland Department of Natural Resources website, here.

For arboriculture consulting services, or to find an authoritative voice for expert testimony, contact the American Society of Consulting Arborists.  You may search via zip code to find a Consulting Arborist.

An additionional resource for homeowners with basic tree care, pest, and disease questions is the University of Maryland Home and Garden Information Center. Access the HGIC here.