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Membership Options
Welcome to the Maryland Arborist Association's online membership application.

To get started, please select from the drop-down box below the most appropriate membership type for your company. (Please note, if your company is engaged in the practice of arboriculture, you must register as an Active member.  Each Active Member company will have one primary/key contact.  Additional company employees may also join the association, and are referred to as Affiliate members).

Membership Type Details  
Membership Options:
Type: Organization Record
Description: Active membership - is defined for individuals, corporations, or partnerships actively engaged in the practice of arboriculture within the state of Maryland or an adjacent state, commonwealth, or district, and who shall have been in business for one year or more. Each Active Member company shall have one key contact. Additional employees of this business who desire membership are known as Affiliates. Annual dues for Active Memberships are $100.00. Annual dues for Affiliate memberships are $60. Affiliate membership – is a subset of Active Membership. Affiliate members are employees of Active Members. Affiliate memberships are $60 annually.  
Membership Cost: $100.00
Membership Length: 12 month(s)
Online Directory: 2 online directory categories are included with the membership.
Additional Contacts  
Affiliates: 0 affiliate level contacts are included with the membership.
Additional Options  
Additional Affiliates: ($60/each)
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